Sting Plays Historic Gig At The Bataclan

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THE British singer Sting paid tribute to the 89 people who were killed at the iconic music venue Paris in November 2015, saying his performance would “honour and remember those who lost their lives in the attack”.

Speaking in French before the start of his set, Sting said: “We will not forget them.”

Sting began with a performance of the song ‘Fragile’, singing: “Nothing comes from violence and nothing will.” The singer has already confirmed that the proceeds of his hour-long show will be awarded to two survivors’ charities.

All of the 1,000 tickets made available for the concert sold out within 30 minutes and hundreds of tickets were held for survivors of the attacks last year. What is more, psychologists and counsellors were on stand-by at the legendary music venue which has been completely renovated since the attack for concert-goers.