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Steal Miranda Kerr’s Top 4 Beauty Secrets!

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She has been blessed with more than her ethereal good looks, but Australian model Miranda Kerr says following the blood-type diet is the key to maintaining her lean, healthy physique.

Before Kerr captured the attention of the modelling world, the NSW-born beauty had her sights set on a career in nutrition. She had even enrolled at the Academy of Natural Living in Queensland to study nutrition and health psychology.

The 30-year-old started following the blood-type eating plan six years ago after her naturopath gave her the book, Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D’Adamo. “It made a lot of sense to me so I started following the recommended eating plan and I just found I had so much more energy than I’d ever had; I was feeling really great,” she says.

1. Determine your suitable diets according to your blood type:


Type O blood: A high-protein diet heavy on lean meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables, and light on grains, beans, and dairy. D’Adamo also recommends various supplements to help with tummy troubles and other issues he says people with type O tend to have.

Type A blood: A meat-free diet based on fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, and whole grains — ideally, organic and fresh, because D’Adamo says people with type A blood have a sensitive immune system.

Type B blood: Avoid corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. Chicken is also problematic, D’Adamo says. He encourages eating green vegetables, eggs, certain meats, and low-fat dairy.

Type AB blood: Foods to focus on include tofu, seafood, dairy, and green vegetables. He says people with type AB blood tend to have low stomach acid. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoked or cured meats.

2. Keep healthy snacks in hand:


Kerr, who has type-A blood, follows the book’s recommended vegetarian-based diet, which is high in organic vegetables, fresh juices and legumes. Despite her hectic schedule, which involves regular air travel and long days, the former Victoria’s Secret model says she carries healthy snacks wherever she goes.

Some of her favourite snacks are organic almonds and blueberries, half an avocado with sea salt. She also loves eating Fuji apple pieces with almond butter and agave – which she says, feels like a treat but it’s really good for you.

3. Low-impact exercise is your key to success:


Kerr, a Nichiren Buddhist (a Japanese school of Buddhism), who meditates and practises yoga regularly, says low-impact, calming exercise is also recommended for people with an A blood type.

“I practise yoga daily; I do half an hour in the morning plus half an hour of meditation,” she says. “Dedication is key for me because with my constant travel schedule I find it very grounding and energising.”

4. Miranda’s secret weapon– the noni juice:


Another important part of Kerr’s diet is noni juice, which she says helps her combat everything from pimples to jetlag. “Whenever I’ve been sunburnt or had a pimple I’d soak a cotton ball in it and place it on my skin and it would be really soothing,” she says.

Kerr is such an advocate of the juice that it has become a core component of her new skincare range, Kora. Kerr has worked on the range, which has been produced in Australia, for the past four years.Noni juice is scientifically proven to heal on a cellular level and it’s also beneficial for skin health.MYNEWSHUB


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