Star-Studded Forum On Successful Transformations

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KUALA LUMPUR – Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympic champion Carl Lewis and Starbucks co-founder Zev Siegl will be here next month for the first Global Transformation Forum (GTF).

Oher present and past world leaders will also take part in the forum to share their stories on transformation.

The GTF is a platform providing and promoting cohesive dialogues on ideas, insights and best practices that will operationalise transformation.

Organised by the Big Fast Results Institute Sdn Bhd in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the inaugural forum will be held from Oct 21 to 23.

BFR-I is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pemandu Corporation, providing global consultancy in public sector governance and strategic corporate business turnaround.

The theme of the interactive forum is “Operationalising Trans­formation”.

Over 3,000 delegates will focus on enabling catalytic change to create a positive impact.

This inaugural annual forum will showcase the how-to in achieving objectives with discipline and focus, Pemandu CEO and BFR-I managing director Datuk Seri Idris Jala said.

“Everyone knows what they want and why they want it. For example, eradicating poverty, building infrastructure and growing a sustainable resilient economy.

“But it’s how we achieve a tangible and measurable outcome that is the challenge,” Idris, who is among the speakers, said.

The forum will focus on non-traditional approaches to policy-making, project implementation and overcoming personal challenges.

It will bring together the trail blazers of thought leadership and effective transformation methodologies.

Registration is open. From 7pm to 10pm tomorrow, Malaysians will enjoy a discounted price of RM500.

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