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Snail Therapy: A New Trend In Skin Care

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One of the latest beauty treatments that is creating a buzz is the snail therapy. Though it was popular in Japan and Korea, it’s slowly catching up in other parts of the world, too.

What’s snail therapy?
It’s primarily an anti-ageing treatment, where specially bred snails are left to crawl and slither on your face. The slime of the snail is, reportedly, very good for removing dead cells, reducing wrinkles, closing pores and reducing tan.

Snail facial therapy has medical and remedial effects on the skin to retain moisture, decreases swelling on the face and helps in removing dead skin. It gives a new younger looking skin and increases the glow on the face.

The snail mucus present in snail contains useful skin proteins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid and all these substances enhance beauty.

This treatment gives a very good anti-ageing effect on the skin of the customers and an essence known as escargot plays an important role in anti-ageing. It also heals the skin after sunburn and provided adequate moisture to it.



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