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Smorgasbord Of Denim: Understanding The Jean Lingo

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The modern-day’s woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without the staple denim pants. Be it flared, bootcut, or skinny– each style is tailored to perfect and flatter your figure. A good pair of jeans is a timeless piece and will never be out of style.

So,splurge on a really good pair: it’s an investment.



That dark, dark blue, looks as if it came straight from the dye factory (because it did). They haven’t been prewashed, so the colour may run or rub off on your tightey whiteys at first. These are great if you’re going for a dressier look. Wear them with a light coloured shirt and anything but takkies.



A much more successful, modern attempt at ageing denim. These are washed, sand blown, and braised to give them a well-worn, classy, hand-me-down look. They’re casual, so wear them with a chunky sweater, fleece sweatshirt or favourite T-shirt, and comfy shoes.



Your basic, everyday, blue jean blue. The denim is lightly prewashed with pumice stones to give it a classic, casual look. Wear this colour with anything from a white T-shirt to a ribbed sweater or leather jacket. Blue jeans with a white, sleeves rolled oxford shirt makes women look twice.



That awful, marbled-colour jean worn predominantly in the deeply misguided ’80s, which, as it happens, is a fashion era quickly on the return. Unless you’re a total trendoid, don’t wear them with anything.

Dirty denim


Similar to the antique look, but faded colour is added to give them a been-through-the-ringer-look. Wear with a cold beer, or a T-shirt and a suede blazer.



For when you’re tired of all that blue but not quite ready to become the new Mr Green Jeans. Wear black jeans with mid-range lighter colours (blues, yellows, some light browns) that don’t contrast enough with pale blue denim. Black jeans work with jackets in the beige range, too. If you’re a low maintenance head-banger, wear with your Metallica T-shirt and don’t bother to wash them until they can stand by themselves.



Jeans that are very narrow through the waist, hips, and legs. Before trying on a pair, ask yourself, “Am I built like Axel Rose?” If the answer’s yes, don’t try them on. Axel Rose is fat.



You need these if you’re roping and riding anytime soon. The legs are flared to fit over cowboy boots, but look great with city shoes, too. They sit low on the waist and tend to be slim through the hips, so make sure you’re in top condition before you pull these on.



A dressy cut. These jeans fit closely in the waist and hips, but provide ample room in the seat and thighs (in case you’ve got muscle that needs some space).



These biggie jeans were inspired by prison uniforms (really!). Cut large all over, especially in the butt and hips, they’re often worn far below the waist. They’re phat for skateboarders, Eminem’s entourage, and anybody who aspires to wear a real prison uniform, unless the charges you’re most likely to be brought up on have to do with financial irregularities.



Pockets, pockets, pockets. Originally created for, you guessed it, carpenters. They rest on your natural waist (don’t even try pulling them up over your belly button) and are usually fuller than regular fit. Don’t buy them too big, though, or you’ll be at risk of exposing your, er, builder’s crack.MYNEWSHUB

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