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Six Essential Top-To-Toe Beauty Tips From Make-Up Maven Bobbi Brown

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As a beauty expert, famed make-up guru Bobbi Brown is often asked for advice on everything from plastic surgery to lipstick. Her years of experience contributed a lot on proper beauty care — what works, what doesn’t, what’s hype, and what lasts. So here are the six best tips that she had learned, plain and simple — no hype here.

Feed Your Body Like an Athlete: Don’t starve yourself to try to look like a runway model. Instead, think of food as fuel. When it comes to eating, focus on being strong — not on being thin. The more dark green veggies and nutrient-dense food you eat, the stronger and more energized you’ll feel and look.

Hydrate: It is said a lot, but that’s because it is really true. Hydration is one of the best beauty tips ever. Hydrated skin glows and looks plump. So drink as much water as you can, and eat hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, and celery. Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol, which dehydrates you.

Change How You Think About Ageing: Be in the moment. Don’t obsess about what you used to look like. Accept how you are now. Then figure out how to look your best, right now. When you think in the present about beauty, you are more likely to try something new rather than hang on to dated ideas of beauty. Your look evolves. Just make sure your perception of yourself and confidence never waivers.

Know Your Bad-Day Beauty Tricks: As a working mom of three, I’ve burned the candle at both ends a lot. I just try to avoid showing it. For me, layering moisturizers for glowing skin, counteracting dark circles with corrector and concealer, and finishing with a bright pop of blush help to keep me from looking tired.

Work With a Great Colourist: Natural-looking color that still has a lot of shine and moisture is key if you’re not ready to embrace your gray. The secret is not to go blonde but to have your colorist match the color you grew up with. That shade will work with your skin tone and look the most natural. Dry hair is an issue as we get older, but a good colorist will know what products work to keep hair looking pretty and glossy.

Explore Laser Treatments: To remove hair, boost collagen, diminish lines, and achieve evening-out skin tone, lasers are on the cutting edge of beauty technology. They are expensive and can sometimes hurt a bit — but they really work.


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