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Sip To Beauty: Easy Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe

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Getting glowing skin has never tasted better. The fresh ingredients in this smoothie all promote beautiful, healthy skin—like the good fats from avocado and vitamin C in kiwi, to name a few.

Try switching out regular water for coconut water, to add a little extra kick of tropical flavour.

Glowing Skin Smoothie
(Recipe from “Daily Greens: 4-Day Cleanse” by Shauna R. Martin)


Big handful of spinach (2/3 bunch)
½ large avocado or 1 small avocado
½ banana (fresh or frozen)
2 kiwi
1 cup (235 ml) filtered water (or coconut water, if desired)


Wash the spinach.
Remove the meat from the avocado.
Add all ingredients to your high-speed blender of vitamix, and blend on High until smooth and creamy.
Add more water if needed to obtain desired consistency for drinking.


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