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Singer Hazami Is In ICU, Condition Stable

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KUALA LUMPUR: Local singer Hazami is in the Intensive Care Unit of the Tropicana Medical Centre for diverticular disease, a condition where small, bulging pouches develop in the wall of the colon.

The 40-year-old artiste’s condition is stable, but he has a slight fever, according to his brother Azhary Ahmad. “He is resting right now and is expected to make a full recovery soon,” he told the NST.

Meanwhile, Hazami’s manager Aszuad Zakaria when contacted said the singer who is popular for the hit Sonata Musim Salji, had complained of diarrhoea and stomach pain last night at 11pm.

Hazami then contacted his friend Malaysian Idol alumni Zamil Idris to accompany him to the clinic. “However, before leaving his home, he passed out,” said Aszuad.

Azhary (left) with Hazami. Image credit: NST


At the clinic, Aszuad said the doctor attending to Hazami had noticed that the latter had lost a lot of blood internally.

“He quickly referred Hazami to the Tropicana Medical Centre. Colonoscopy was conducted on him and the doctors have found 50 to 60 punctures in his colon.

“It was then followed by a procedure to stop the bleeding. Hazami also received blood transfusion to restore his health,” he said.

Aszuad said that the doctors had told him that diverticular disease is common but not to someone of Hazami’s age.

“But it usually occurs to those aged 60 years old and above. And they would normally have three or four punctures, not 50.”

Aszuad also said that Azhary suffered from the same disease but has now recovered.

However, their father died of the disease in 2009. “Hazami is scheduled to release a single next month. We hope his health will improve,” he said.



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