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Singer Embroiled In Yet Another Sex Controversy

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PETALING JAYA – Singer Anding vows to take action after being embroiled in yet another sex controversy.

A video recording of a man who looks like Anding performing homosexual acts is circulating on social media website Tumblr.

When contacted by mStar Online, the 34-year-old singer from Sarawak, whose real name is Anding Indrawani Zaini, vehemently denied that the man in the video was him.

“Of course it is not me! I have a mole on my nose but the man in the video does not. He does not look anything like me.

“I have never been involved in such things. It is illogical for me to be involved in activities that could ruin not only my dignity but also my singing career,” Anding said.

The former Season 2 Akademi Fantasia contestant wished that society would change its perception that single men who look after their bodies and always exercise in the gym must be gay.

“When people see a single man who goes to the gym, they have the impression that he must be gay. Maybe for that reason, they think that I am gay, too, because I always go to fitness centres.

“People do not know why I am not married and do not have a girlfriend. They just see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe,” he added.

Anding said he would lodge a police report over the sex video as it is not the first time he was falsely associated with such scandals.

“I will take action and make a police report as this video affects my dignity and my artistic career.

“Moreover, this has happened a few times before.

“Earlier this year, my friends told me that there was an obscene picture of a man who looks like me, and now there is a video!” he said. – The Star Online



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