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Singapore Refutes Claims On Refusal To Allow Cloud Seeding

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JOHOR BAHARU – Singapore today refuted claims that it does not allow cloud-seeding operations over the Sungai Lebam and Layang dams in Johor.

Instead, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has always cooperated with Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to facilitate flight activities including for such operations.

The Consulate-General of Singapore in Johor Baharu, in a statement here today said Singapore had not been approached recently on cloud-seeding operations, whether by DCA or any other Malaysian agencies.

“Singapore fully supports cloud-seeding efforts in Johor, especially during this dry spell, and has previously offered to assist in efforts to fight forest fires,” it added.

It also said that Singapore’s water agency PUB also cooperated closely with its Malaysian and Johor counterparts.

Both sides have also been working together on projects such as the Johor River Barrage to increase water resources in Johor.

It said claims that Singapore had refused to allow cloud-seeding operations because such activities were deemed to encroach into Singapore’s territory, were baseless.

Singapore was responding to a news report yesterday which quoted Johor Public Works, and Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman, Datuk Hasni Mohammad, as saying that Johor would have to find other alternatives following Singapore’s refusal.

The two dams which serve some 760,000 people, are currently experiencing critical water levels.

The water level at the Sungai Lebam dam has dropped to 9.87m from 12.27m and the Layang dam to 19.72m from 23.50m.

If the water levels at the two dams do not improve in the next few weeks, SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd may have to start scheduled water supply, according to the news report.


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