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Shuib Shares Video With Adorable Son, Reminds To Vaccinate

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As a father to three, adorable children, Shuib Sepahtu of Raja Lawak fame only wants the best for them- and that includes providing top-of-the-line healthcare.

Being happily married married to singer Siti Sarah Raissuddin since 2011, the comedic actor and father to Uwais Alqarni, Dzahira Talita Zahra and Ariq Matin recently joins other celebs such as Amyra Rosli and Hanis Zalikha to spread awareness on the importance of vaccination.

Despite being a ‘funny man’, Shuib is serious and committed in fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

Sharing a minute-long video on the subject on his official Instagram page, Shuib was joined by his youngest son and another ‘special guest’– a monkey plushie!

“Don’t forget to bring your children to their scheduled vaccinations as it is crucial to their well-being.

“Immunisation helps prevent from serious ailments and complications that can cause greater harm in the future,” he says in the video.

But what catches our attention is how cute his son, Matin is while Shuib was recording the video.

Making funny faces and doing raspberries to the camera, Matin seems to have got the comedian blood running through his veins!

“Immunization can help prevent illnesses and death among children. Vaccination is very safe and effective and are given to curb the spreading of malicious diseases.

“All children have the right to proper immunization, so it doesn’t matter how busy you are with work, but as parents you have to make sure that your children gets vaccinated.

“I myself am always busy but I never forget my responsibilities, and parents out there should be mindful, too. #JanganLupaCucuk #LengkapkanImunisasi,” he writes on the caption.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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