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Shoddy Mother Puts Lit Cigarette In Baby’s Mouth And Posts It On Facebook

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This story was first published in Coconuts Jakarta.

In a deplorable and downright disgusting Facebook posting, a toddler can be seen forced to stick a cigarette by an adult figure.

That adult is his mother. She was also the one who posted the photo on the social media site.


The mother, Ve Royy Alvero (most likely a pseudonym), proudly wrote “Jagoan mom & papp” (mummy and daddy’s hero)” in the photo’s caption, making our hearts break in sympathy for the child to have a set of idiotic parents.

As expected, the mother’s irresponsible action drew ire from the public, criticizing her for teaching a baby to adopt the dangerous habit.

However, her Facebook account and the father’s (who was tagged in the photo) disappeared from the site immediately after the controversy emerged.

Meanwhile, the National Commission on the Protection of Children is looking into ways to make sure that the baby’s parents answer for their crime.

“That’s a violation of children’s rights. The cigarette smoke is very harmful. A child deserves to get fresh air,” said Arist Merdeka Sirait, head of the National Commission on the Protection of Children, as quoted by a local daily, Merdeka, on Tuesday.

“When a mother posts a photo like that, that’s the same as telling her son to destroy his own health, especially an infant, as infants can’t do anything on their own. The parents can be punished for destroying their child’s health.”

Arist is imploring for anyone who knows the identity of the mother to come forward and report her to the police.

“The family [of the mother] could report her, but citizens can report her too. But we must have more information about the case before we can bring charges towards the mother,” Arist said.

“Three to six months in prison should be harsh enough for the mother.”

Sadly, this is not the first time a smoking baby has made headlines in Indonesia.

Aldi Rizal made headlines all over the world a few years ago for having a 40-cigarette a day habit when he was 2 years old–an addiction he was later able to quit.

Indonesia’s smoking habits has raised concern by health organizations across the regions, with smokers as young as 18 months was regarded as a common phenemenon.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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