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Shocking Video Of Facial Therapist Spitting On Client’s Face Goes Viral

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Everybody in the face of the Earth knows that good complexion starts with hygienic practices.

You know, don’t-touch-your-face-with-your-bare-hands and never-go-to-bed-with-makeup-on kinda things.

But this facial therapist had some other “tricks” to beautify her client.

She  was filmed spitting on her customer’s face during a session — not just once but multiple times.

The shocking video was shared by All Singapore Stuff yesterday and has been gaining much attention.

However, it is unclear where this took place, or if it was in Singapore.

In the clip, the woman first gave the camera a thumbs up and a grin… then proceeded to spit a huge glob of saliva on her customer’s face.

She then spread her spit all over the man’s face.

Having his eyes closed during the facial session, he was none the wiser.

Maybe it’s an act of revenge for a rude client?

One commenter, Motha Mithra says: “Don’t be rude to waiters n people who service u. because this is what u get. Those yaya papayas who talk to waiters like dogs, now u know what u have been eating from time to time.”

Another commenter named Sally Ong suggests that the matter should be reported so that authorities could take action: “I feel there’s a need to inform the relevant authorities as it involves hygiene & cleanliness. What if she is infected with some disease which can be transmitted thru’ saliva. Wonder what other gross “products” she has used on her client’s face.”

The facial therapist did this a few more times in the video. Try not to gag while watching this disgusting display!

You can click to watch the video here.


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