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Shocking! Abortion Pills Now On Sale Via Facebook!

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ASTONISHING! That’s one word to describe online abortion pill suppliers who does business illegally through Facebook.

Further investigation showed numerous pages providing the supposedly to be obtained over-the counter medications, and one account that we found even included his own stats in the ‘About Me’ section. Known as ‘Dr. Zul’, the shady medical practitioner did a full-on promotion on the pills in hopes to entice and shake the guilt off potential customers.



The posts, which were written in Malay, were typically inclined towards the pro-choice stance. The accounts also attempted to provide ‘alternatives’ to the traditional pregnancy termination, which could cost up to RM2000 via vacuum aspiration. The prices vary from gestational period, and procedure costs would be cheaper within the first trimester.



The blatant act of so-called ‘kindness’ was heavily criticized by pro-life netizens. One user pointed out that abortion is murder and a serious offence punishable by both man-made and divine law.


Many terms like ‘termination of pregnancy’, ‘menstrual regulation’ and ‘wash’ or ‘cuci’ were used to sugarcoat the word ‘abortion. Abortion or killing, or murder goes against the natural and the good. It makes the woman and man less human.

Usually, abortion is the go-to solution for women who falls pregnant out of wedlock or is raped, or if she is carrying a child with deformity or has an unplanned pregnancy.

Section 312 of the Penal Code states that a termination of pregnancy is permitted in circumstances where there is risk to the life of the pregnant woman or threat of injury to her physical or mental health.

Although terminations are permitted, the law is nevertheless limited. Under the Penal Code it is the doctor alone who makes the decision as to whether a termination should be carried out.MYNEWSHUB/TEXT: SARA KHALID



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