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Sharnaaz Ahmad Gives The Middle Finger To Reporter Over Insensitive Article

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The devastating incident of two high-powered motorcycle riders that were killed and another seriously injured in an accident on the Karak Highway, left an indelible mark on the hearts of Malaysians.

The accident has prompted several motorcycling groups and associations to call for a more advanced education module and stricter regulations for riders of big bikes, particularly those with engine capacities above 400cc.

Comments made by social media users also suggested that superbike riders to change their attitude and not treat the road as if it was a “racing track”.

Further adding insult to injury, pictures of one of the victims’ charred remains were also circulated on the Net, while headlines stigmatizing riders as ‘road bullies’ and ‘irresponsible motorists’ also splashed across the mainstream media.

Unsurprisingly, the insensitive articles sparked ire amongst big bike devotees, including one Sharnaaz Ahmad.

The actor reprimanded reporter, Zulkifli Jalil, for running a feature with the crass headline of, ” ‘Mat Rempit’ Motosikal Kuasa Tinggi” (High-Powered Motorbike ‘Mat Rempit’),in caps lock-packed rant on his Instagram account.

“You better watch what you say, ZULKIFLI JALIL,” he snorted.

“You ought to learn to give some respect to the dead and us fellow bikers.

“I don’t have to read your crummy article…YOUR HEADLINE HAVE INSULTED US.”

To that, he went on to offer the journalist what he described as a’middle finger salute to the face’.

The 29-year-old had a close friendship with one of the deceased riders,Hanzalli.


The famously bad-tempered Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta actor had always in hot water over his anger management issues.

This is certainly not the first time his mood swing got him in trouble. Previously, Sharnaaz worked himself up in a lather when his torrid romance with singer Shila Amzah was intervened by the latter’s father, causing a public spat to erupt between the two.

His potty mouth also had the best of him when he picked fights with co-star Lisdawati,her husband Fauzi Nawawi and Azwan Ali, earlier this year.MYNEWSHUB

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