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Sharifah Sakinah’s Chest-Baring Wedding Dress Draws Backlash

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Sharifah Sakinah is no stranger to controversy over her racy outfit choices.

After suffering major blows for posing suggestively in provocative workout clothes in her fitness Instagram account, it seems little did to deter Sakinah’s preference for the skin-tight and sexy.


Earlier this week, the actress once again caused an uproar among netizens when she posted photos of her clad in a wedding dress that exposes a large ratio of her chest and shoulders on social media.

Among the negative comments are from akmal_fariq, who said: “Your future husband must be stone-cold to carry your sins…he is going to be really impenetrable…#respect”, which another user, bpijan replied: “Good job bro.. @mayanasha if you want to wait until one becomes a clergyman to be qualified to give people advice, then everybody will just lose their faith.”


Due to get married at the end of the year, the self-proclaimed fitness guru seemed to ignore the haters and having a good time posing in the strapless Khoon Hooi dress.

According to sources, the dress was designed specifically for Sakinah’s pre-wedding video shot by Amir Naufal Photography.MYNEWSHUB



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