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Sharifah Sakinah Throws Bridal Shower In Bali, With Celeb Friends In Tow!

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Sharifah Sakinah has had a better Monday than all of us as she shared pictures of her jetting off to Bali for a bachelorette party-week.

Also tagging along were Siti Saleha, Marsha Milan Londoh, Nabila Huda, Elfira Loy, Nad Zainal, Tasha Shilla,Kaka Azraff, Sherry Alhadad and Jihan Muse– all of which will serve as bridesmaids on her upcoming nuptial due to be held this March.

The ladies celebrated the occasion and rang in the start of the week by exploring the gorgeous beaches and sacred pura or temples, while taking snapshots as mementos of their last vacation with Sakinah as a singleton.






Sakinah was snapped earlier at the airport sporting a mock bridal veil, complete with white gloves and flower crown, while her celeb girlfriends wore white t-shirts with ‘Bridesmaid’ printed across their chests.

The 28-year-old actress, known for her comedic portrayals, is set to end her single life by tying the knot with pilot, Aliff Adan, after a whirlwind year of dating.

While the trip was meant to celebrate her looming wedding, the chameleon-like netizens have now take on the religious fundamentalists role by labelling the bridal shower as ‘untraditional” and “an attempt to emulate Western culture”.

Not that she could care any less, really.

Just let the poor thing enjoy her time off with her girlfriends before she finally gets hitched. Suffice to say, they’re now enjoying the tranquil and serene Balinese scenery when the rest of us are stuck doing the same repetitive, mundane activity at our desks in the office. We envy you, Sakinah.MYNEWSHUB



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