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Sg. Besi Tailors Sold Police And Armed Forces Uniforms To Civilians

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The Royal Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysian Police are looking into a disturbing new sartorial development: tailors in KL have been selling official (or at least official-looking) uniforms to civilians.

Chief of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces, General Zulkefli Mohd Zin, told Harian Metro that official military uniforms are tailored by appointed contractors, and are strictly prohibited for sale to the public.

“These arbitrary sales are not supposed to happen. I will instruct the Malaysian military to lodge a police report on the matter, and to report the Bangladeshi tailors alleged to have been selling Army uniforms to the public.

“I stress once again, these uniforms have been gazetted, and it is an offence for civilians to wear and use them,” Zulkefli said.

Several tailors in the Sungai Besi area, which is where an Air Force base is located, have been reported to sell military and law enforcement uniforms to members of the public.

The Royal Malaysian Police have pledged to take similarly stern action against these tailors.

Kuala Lumpur chief of police Tajuddin Md Isa promised to crack down on offenders, as the sale of official law enforcement uniforms to the public is a clear violation of the Police Act.

KL Crime Investigation Division (CID) chief SAC Zainuddin Ahmad said, “If the uniforms are similar in colour to officially-sanctioned uniforms worn by the police, it’s not an issue. But if they’re selling uniforms that are exact replicas, complete with name tags, PDRM insignias and rank badges, it’s a clear offence.

“Wearing uniforms of that sort could confuse and mislead the public. Besides, it’s against the law to sell these uniforms to civilians.”-KL Coconuts

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