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Septuagenarian Found Living In Wangsa Maju Jungle For 30 Years

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A 74-year old man was discovered to have been living in a patch of jungle just outside of KL for over 30 years.

Mohamad Dris, or Uncle Mohamad to the nearby residents, has lived in a jungle clearing in the Wangsa Melawati area behind the Damaisari housing development ever since he lost his rubber tapping job decades ago.

“I am too old to work, and worse, I have diabetes. I have to be careful with what I eat fearing it will worsen,” he told Bernama.

Mohamad built the hut in which he lived in 1980, and had never supplied it with electricity or running water.

Wangsa Maju police found Mohamad and his spartan home during Operation Santa, on Christmas Eve.

“We received complaints from local residents about a hut in a small jungle behind the Damaisari Housing, Desa Melawati. They were worried the hut could be used as a den for criminal activities,” said Wangsa Maju police station deputy chief Sergeant Jasman Aris.

Jasman explained that police raided Mohamad’s hut at 1am on Christmas Eve. They were met outside the hut by the barking of dogs nearby and the emergence of Mohamad in a tattered sarong.

“We felt sad looking at the old man’s situation. A policeman quickly bought food and he shed tears as he was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“He then broke into a smile and said he could not eat rice and consume sweet drinks as he had diabetes,” Jasman said.

“We take turns sending bread and water to the man as we sympathise with his condition, pending welfare aid.”

The police have notified the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council Baitulmal to find a suitable home for Mohamad.

“I want to thank the policemen at the Wangsa Maju Police Station for sending food everyday to me,” Mohamad said, adding that his life has changed for the better since being discovered in the jungle.

“Now, I don’t have to worry where my next meal will be coming from. I am overwhelmed at the concern they showed me, and are determined in helping me. I have no intention of imposing on them.”-Bernama


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