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See What One Malay Woman Did That Made This Social Activist Cry

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Although Kuan Chee Heng has been actively helping the community for almost 14 years, the social activist, who’s better known as ‘Hero Malaya’ among Malaysian netizens, still feels overwhelmed witnessing some Malaysians sincerely helping each other despite their differences.

Known for his community work and good deeds, Kuan, shared a post on his social media account, on August 5, showing a series of photos of a poor Chinese boy, wearing only a pair of shorts, helping his mother hand wash their clothes.

Within only a minute of posting, Kuan received an immediate text message from a Malay woman, named Fauziah, who was willing to donate a great amount of money so Kuan could help the family to buy a proper washing machine.

In their discussion on WhatsApp, Kuan told Fauziah that a basic washing machine would cost RM600 but the kind-hearted woman then offered RM100 extra so the boy would have money to buy some detergents along with the new machine.

Overwhelmed by Fauziah’s help, Kuan posted an emotional message in his posting and shared his experience of helping the poor boy and his mother.

“When the Chinese were down-and-out, the Malays offer to help. When Malays in need of help, the Chinese and Indians bid their hands on helping them.

“Malaysians are crazy. We are not racist after all. Fauziah, you make me cry. Malaysia is so great,” Kuan expressed.

Following the generous donation, Kuan bought the family a Sharp washing machine which costs RM715. After two years of helping his mum doing laundry with his bare hands, the boy now can finally rest and start helping his mum in other ways.

Facebook / Kuan Chee Heng

Facebook/Kuan Chee Heng
Netizens could not help but feel overjoyed by Fauziah and Kuan’s help, thanking and congratulating the both of them, agreeing to Kuan’s comments that Malaysians are not racist after all.

Apart from mooting his 10sen services that include ambulance and taxi service, market and library – this year, Kuan launched a hotel that costs only RM1 per night where the poor can stay comfortably in.

We applaud the Hero Malaya’s efforts and hope his good deeds will inspire many more Malaysians to show their compassion and to stand united as a nation that helps others regardless of skin colour, race and religion. – mD

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