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See-Through Nurse’s Uniform Causes Distress To Male Patients

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Nurses play a vital role in improving the quality of a patient’s life. As caregivers, they juggle numerous priorities such as counsellor, teacher, manager of their patients’ health and sometimes, a source of distraction.

While their profession necessitates donning white uniforms in order to be recognizable, unfortunately the attires are too thin; leaving little to the imagination.

A male patient couldn’t hold back his excitement when he spotted a nurse unintentionally flaunting her striped underwear, before snapping a picture and posted it on social media.


“This is why I hate going to hospitals…The nurses are a distraction,”reads the caption.

At first glance, it may look perfectly inoffensive. But on closer inspection, the ‘flimsy’ white uniforms become see-through in certain lights – exposing the wearer’s underwear.MYNEWSHUB




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