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See: Gets Najib’s Age All Wrong

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In case you’ve been too in love with the coco or just plain ignorant, the new app that is taking the World by storm right now is the age-deciphering software

To prove the app’s popularity, yesterday the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tried it out himself, and well; the man was thoroughly impressed.

najib, which was developed by Microsoft, adorably misinterpreted Najib’s face and predicted his ages as 46— a whole 15 years off his real digits!

Pleased with the result, he then showed it off to his 2.7mil. Facebook followers, along with the caption: “I see a lot of people tried to guess my age. says I am 46. My real age is 61. #ILoveThisWebsite #HowOldRobot”.

We take the site’s inaccurate estimation to Najib’s smooth,fair skin and baby-soft lips.

To those who are wondering how the app works, you have to understand some basic computer tech language. An API, or application programming interface, is basically a set of rules for building software applications. The APIs uses are available online through Bing and Microsoft’s Project Oxford. The app’s APIs use a set of algorithms to process photos of faces. Face detection APIs take in the exact location of an image’s eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose and lips, as well as face dimensions. The app then uses these characteristics to group people, as well as identify one person in two or more photos, according to ABC News.-MYNEWSHUB.CC




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