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School-Student ‘Engagement’ Video Goes Viral

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PETALING JAYA: A video of two secondary school students getting “engaged” has gone viral on Facebook with social media users sharing their thoughts on the clip.

At the start of the video, the female student was seen running outside the school building towards the male student who was waiting with a small gift on bended knee.

The pair later hugged and the male student gave the girl a kiss.

Their schoolmates were seen surrounding the pair and cheering them on.

However, it is not certain if the “engagement” was for marriage or just for the couple to be “boyfriend and girlfriend”.

The pair had been advised by netizens to focus on education and not concern themselves with love at such a young age.

“School is for study not making love,” said Nelly Dave Sidhu.

Alex Pandian said: “Can love but cannot public city like this…. we are Indian… Love is not problem….but publicity is over… N make shame to our Indians…(sic)”.

“Back in ‘those’ days, all we cared about was having fun times with friends while trying to score on exams, now, these people are more obsessed with getting married … Get a degree or at least a decent job la, getting married at this age will just be difficult …,” said Jaiyogesh Ramesh Patel.

“I think the parents must watch this, let them handle this. And the school should never allow this to happen. Nothing to be proud of,” said David Maniam.

A number of Facebook commenters had resorted to cyberbullying and name calling.

But the pair were not without defenders who told critics to mind their own business.

“They can love each other. You got (sic) a problem with that? as long as they study and do well … thats good enough,” said Mahish Dxt.

“Nice love story … love it,” added Arasi Gasolina Thiyagu.


Posted by 1TAMILANZ SANGAM on Sunday, November 1, 2015


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