Sarawak Polls: Only Bumiputra Muslim Can Be Chief Minister, Says Hadi Awang

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KUCHING: PAS will not allow non-bumiputra – especially those from DAP – to rule Sarawak, says Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic).

The PAS president said while the state could have leaders from various racial backgrounds, it had to be ruled by a bumiputra Muslim to ensure a just leadership in accordance with Islamic principles.

“The Chinese, the Indians and other races are our leaders too, but they need to be led by a Muslim.

“That is why PAS wants Sarawak to be governed by the Muslim bumiputra, not other races,” he told hundreds of supporters here, Wednesday night.

Hadi also said unlike other Opposition parties, PAS’ decision to contest 11 seats in the election showed that it had no intention to rule Sarawak.

“We would just like to be an advisor to the ruling government,” he said.

Hadi added that even if PAS won all the 11 seats it is contesting, it will not be able to form a majority government as there are 82 seats in the state assembly.

“But they (the other Opposition parties) contested the remaining seats,” he said.

Pakatan Harapan’s DAP is contesting 31 seats in the state election, with PKR contesting 40 and Amanah, 13.

However, DAP and PKR will clash in six constituencies.

Barisan Nasional has already won two seats uncontested.