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Royal Dais Among Main Structures For Sultan Perak XXXV Enthronement

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KUALA KANGSAR – One of the uniqueness of the customs of the Malay Sultanate during the Enthronement of Sultan Perak XXXV is the Panca Persada (Royal Dais), which is one of the two main structures for the historic event.

The Panca Persada is a multi-tiered platform on which the Sultan sits, and for the Enthronement Ceremony of Sultan Perak XXXV, it is built within the compounds of Istana Iskandariah here.

It is where the Istiadat Bersiram Tabal (Ceremonial Bath) will be performed as part of the events for the Tabal Pusaka (Invocation of the Perak Guardian Spirit) to be conducted today, beginning 8.30 pm.

The Public Works Department (JKR) was entrusted with the task of constructing the Panca Persada with its pyramid concept based on photographs of the same structure used during the enthronement ceremony of the previous Sultans of Perak.

State JKR director Datuk Ir Dr Safry Kamal Ahmad when met by Bernama recently said the department had drafted the pyramid with 11 tiers measuring 64 square feet and 22 feet in height.

“Each tier will be covered with the colours of the Perak flag, which are white, yellow and black. There will be coloured lights on each level to brighten the Panca Persada, which is a symbol of the enthronement custom.

“The shape of the Panca Persada will be similar to those before, but the concept this time incorporates a golden dome similar to that in Istana Iskandariah which is supported by four pillars,” he said.

Commenting on the construction of the Panca Persada, Safry Kamal said the pyramid uses steel to ensure its structure is strong.

He added that the external decorations of the Panca Persada comprised layers of ordinary wood.

“Only layers of wood as well as LED light decorations are used to brighten or beautify the Panca Persada,” he said.

Safry Kamal said the drafts and design of the Panca Persada were the work of JKR architects and engineers who had been working on them since last February.

“I am very proud that it (Panca Persada) was built without involving outside parties. A total of 35 experts including officers, architects, engineers from the JKR engineering division from all districts in Perak were involved in its construction,” he said.

He added that before building the Panca Persada, the department had first consulted people who were previously involved in the enthronement ceremonies of previous Sultans of Perak to determine the sitting and orientation facing the direction of Makkah.

The Ceremony to Erect the Central Column of the Panca Persada would be performed before the central column which is made of special wood called ‘Sungkai’ is embedded.

In the olden days, the Panca Persada was built in the middle of Sungai Perak, but today it is constructed in the compounds of Istana Iskandariah in a square shape with either nine or 11 tiers, and is completely surrounded by steps.

At the top are the covered seating areas of the Paduka Seri Sultan and the Raja Perempuan while the ceiling and pillars are covered in yellow cloth from which are hung the budi leaves while the top is covered in golden cloth. – BERNAMA


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