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Rohingya Community In Malaysia Grateful To Be Able To Celebrate Aidilfitri

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KUALA LUMPUR – The proverb ‘dry bread at home is better than roast meat abroad’ may be true to some, especially those celebrating Aidilfitri away from their homeland.

For the Rohingya migrants in Malaysia, it is a blessing to be away from their homeland as they could celebrate the occasion in peace.

“In Myanmar, mosques were burnt down, there was no visit to relative or friend’s house because we were living in fear.

“In Malaysia, we are able to celebrate Aidilfitri in peace together with the local community, we go to the mosque with them to perform the Aidilfitri prayer and can feel the joy and merriment of the Aidilfitri celebration,” said Shafie Nazir Hussein when met at a Aidilfitri Charity event here.

The 76-year-old carpenter said his life had changed since he came to Malaysia in 1992.

“My life here is much better than when I was in my own country,” he added.

Another Rohingya, Tayuba Mohd Idris, 46, who has been in Malaysia for 30 years, said he regarded Malaysia as his homeland.

“I am grateful. The Muslim community here has helped us a lot. They treat us well,” he added.

Meanwhile, Raziah Ali, 23, a Rohingya who was born in Malaysia, said she only knew about her homeland from news and could not imagine how life would be had her parents not come to Malaysia 40 years ago.

The Aidilfitri Charity event was organised by the Malaysia International Institute of Islamic Cooperation (IKIAM) and the United World Rohingya Organisation and funded by the Federation of Indian Muslim Association (PERMIM).

PERMIM president Dhajudeen Shahul Hameed, when met by reporters, said aid, comprising household needs and cash, were given to 350 Rohingya migrants to help them with their Aidilfitri preparation. – BERNAMA


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