Rock Legend Mick Jagger, 72, Having Baby Number Eight

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MICK Jagger and Melanie Hamrick are “surprised and happy” at the news of her pregnancy, a source close to the ballerina revealed last night.

The source added: “This is great news. It will be Mick’s eighth child and nothing fazes him. He’s been incredibly supportive.

“She’s very bright, intelligent, sparky and has her own ideas about how she wants to lead her life. She knows what a great relationship Mick has with all of his children and can’t wait for him to be a dad again.

“They are taking the news in their stride.”

Mick, 72, and Melanie, 29, have been in a relationship since 2014 and have seen each other regularly over the past two years.

She was a guest in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico in February and March on the Latin American leg of the Stones’ recent tour that ended with their historic concert in Cuba.

The source said: “They’ve seen each other a lot, they like each other a lot but they still want independent lives.”

A spokesperson confirmed the news last night.

It comes less than two months after Mick’s bandmate Ronnie Wood, 68, welcomed twins.

Melanie will not live in London with Mick — who turns 73 on July 26 — and is instead expected to end her career in ballet to move to either Los Angeles or head home to ­Connecticut to be near her family.

Our US source explained: “Mick’s relationship with Melanie works for both of them.

“Melanie is very American and doesn’t want to move to London, even though they’ve been seeing each other regularly over a long period of time now.

“Mick likes the arrangement they have and doesn’t want to be in another formal relationship.

“But the most important thing is how much he loves his children and he has great relations with them. He will support and love this child.

“The plan is for Melanie to move out of New York and be based in LA, where Mick spends a lot of time, or Connecticut where she knows people.”

The source added: “In reality Melanie was coming toward the end of her career as a ballet dancer but has now had to give it up even ­earlier than planned.