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‘Rich Kids Of Malaysia’ Instagram Accounts Showcase The Country’s Wealthiest

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Just as the Malaysian ringgit plunges harder than a mammoth cannonballing into the water, a new Instagram account was newly set up to exhibit the luxurious lifestyles of the privileged 1%.

The Rich Kids Of Malaysia account is dedicated exclusively to the offsprings of the country’s rich and famous: let’s just say, it’s an outlet for them to flaunt what mummy and daddy’s hard work pays off.


A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Malaysia (@therichkidsofmalaysia) on

Most eligible rich bachelor #malaysia #RICHKIDSOFMALAYSIA #RKOM

A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Malaysia (@therichkidsofmalaysia) on


A photo posted by Rich Kids Of Malaysia (@therichkidsofmalaysia) on

Snaps of extravagant getaways, expensive cars and over-the-top spending are all documented via phonecam and submitted voluntarily to the admins of the page. Yes, as if they are in need of more attention, these kids willingly post snapshots of their wealth to the admins’ e-mail ( in hopes to be featured.

As the souring economy had the rest of us lower-middle classes penny-pinching harder than ever before, the RKOM IG could certainly give us a glimmer of hope that the country’s bad financial state can be conquered any minute now…or not.MYNEWSHUB.CC




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