Receiving Wheelchair Most Joyous Day For Disabled Father

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BAGAN SERAI – “Receiving an eletrically-powered wheelchair is the most joyous and special day for me, especially when the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration,” a disabled father gushed with joy today.

Muhamad Sayd Ali, 56, who is crippled in both of his legs since two years ago due to diabetes and has a left weak arm, said the contribution could assist his movements and earn a living to support his family.

Previously, he had to support his wife and three children by depending on handouts from the Welfare Department and Baitumal.

“I would like to express my gratitude to all Malaysians who contributed so much to help me. This year’s Aidilfitri celebration will be the most joyous of them all.

“It is like having a new life and I am now able to move again with the help of this wheelchair,” Muhamad told reporters after receiving the contribution from UMNO’s Welfare Bureau at his home in Kampung Kota Bandung, here on Sunday.

Muhamad and his wife Zaharah Awang, 56, have three children, Mahathir, 19, Marina, 17 and Mahazan, 15

Meanwhile, the bureau’s chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said charity was the bureau’s main focus regardless of race, religion or political leanings.- BERNAMA