Reaponse To U.S. 2015 Human Rights Country Report On Malaysia

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PUTRAJAYA – The Government of Malaysia refers to the 2015 Country Report on
Human Rights Practices concerning Malaysia that was released by the United
States Department of State as part of its annual Country Reports on Human
Rights Practices of 195 countries and territories.

The Government of Malaysia wishes to clarify that the report is based on
unsubstantiated information and relies primarily on sources whose objectivity is
questionable. The Government of Malaysia regrets that the allegations contained
in the report were selectively reflected to impute disrepute on the Government
of Malaysia, and did not take into consideration its efforts to promote and
protect human rights. This unwarranted report by the US was prepared in the
absence of any formal engagement with Government officials, despite the close
bilateral relations between Malaysia and the US. Unfortunately, this one-sided
approach taken by the US precludes a true appreciation and balanced
understanding of the facts of the cases and allegations highlighted. The report
clearly reflects the US’ partial evaluation of the Government’s perspective and
disregards the Government’s commitment and efforts on human rights practices in

The US continues to ignore Malaysia’s sovereign right to decide on its internal
affairs which takes into account its own circumstances and the prevailing
threats to its society, and its responsibility to protect national security and
maintain peace and order in this country. Malaysia highly values its progressive
and dynamic bilateral ties with the US and believes that the ties would be
further strengthened with better understanding of domestic issues in Malaysia.

The Government of Malaysia remains committed to ensuring the enjoyment of
fundamental freedoms as guaranteed in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. It
will continue to take the necessary measures for every citizen to enjoy
fundamental freedoms in a manner which does not impinge on the exercise of the
rights of others, or is a threat to the security and stability of the nation.

SOURCE : Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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