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Rare Condition Makes Hyomyun Shin,26, Looks Like A 10-Year-Old

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Dubbed the Peter Pan of South Korea, Hyomyung Shin looks just like any other teen, until he whips out his identification card. Shin is actually 26.

But, he says, he hasn’t yet hit puberty, because he suffers from a rare condition known as ‘Highlander Syndrome’.

The condition has apparently caused his body to age at a very slow and almost indistiguishable rate.




However, despite his baby face, Shin says he enjoys drinking beer, going on dates, and clubbing on the weekends.

Shin, who is just 163cm tall (5ft 4in) and still has baby-soft skin, is seen in a documentary for a local TV channel showing off his ID, which seemingly proves he was born in 1989.

As well as discussing his love for actress Scarlett Johansson in the clip, he is seen getting ready for a night on the town. He puts on a suit and then heads out to a cafe for a date.

He also shows off pictures from when he was growing up – he appeared to develop normally until his pre-teens when he suddenly stopped growing.


Despite his condition, Shin says he is in good health.

It’s admittedly difficult to prove the authenticity of the documentary’s claims. And there’s little information around about Highlander Syndrome, which isn’t an officially recognised term.

However, a handful of others in the world are believed to have the condition, which some researchers have claimed could hold the secret to eternal youth.



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