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Ranau Residents Still In Trauma From Earthquake

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RANAU – Daily activities in Ranau go on as usual today, despite it being the worst hit, compared with other districts in Sabah, by the 5.9 magnitude earthquake which shook the state yesterday.

The people still crowd the Tamu Pekan Ranau to buy their household needs, and the highland farmers selling their vegetables.

Public transport service between Ranau and surrounding villages operates as usual and restaurants are full, though the main topic of conversation among the customers is about yesterday’s earthquake.

Although everything seems normal in Ranau, many of the residents are still in trauma.

“Normally, I leave early to my farm to gather vegetables, but yesterday, I only went there at noon because I was afraid of the earthquake,” said Jene Sapin, 60, from Kampung Lembah Permai, to Bernama when met at Tamu Pekan Ranau.

Jene said the tremor from yesterday’s earthquake was the strongest she had ever felt.

“I am still traumatised by it, afraid that it may happen again,” Jene’s niece, Satidah Suhaidi, 43, who was with her aunty.

Recalling the incident, Satidah said she was at home when she felt the tremors.

“The house shook and became panic and confused. I wanted to get out of the house, but was not able to walk. It was only after the tremors weaken that I, my children and a younger sibling were able to leave the house.

“I was shivering when I got of the house, so were my children. We all looked pale and frightened,” she added.

Bibi Sabariah Jalil, 62, from Kampung Silou, said she was not able to go to sleep last night for fear that another earthquake would hit the district.

She said she was cleaning the dishes yesterday when she saw the trees swaying and quickly got down from the house.

“I got to hold on to the long grass to avoid falling to the ground. The tremor I felt this time was so much different from before.

“Before, it was like I was tossed up by huge waves. Yesterday, it was just a strong tremor,” she added. – BERNAMA


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