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Raja Azmi: “I Failed As A Wife For The Second Time”

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KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial producer, Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman, have officially divorced from her husband of a year, Eddie Ghazali.

The former couple formally parted ways after Eddie’s talak pronouncement was accepted by the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court,here, at 3.07 p.m today.

Raja Azmi filed for divorce after numerous attempts to save their crumbling marriage failed.

Admitting that at first she had a hard time accepting the breakdown of her second marriage, she has finally come to terms with her divorce.

Married on Oct. 13, 2014, their 13 months of wedded bliss was cut short by irreconcilable differences.

But the radiant 56-year-old, who calls herself Kak Mi, remains positive.

Met after the divorce proceedings, she looked calm despite the media frenzy surrounding her.

“Life goes on. I have already accepted this as my fate. My second marriage failed; I have failed as a wife once again,” she said, while holding back tears.






When asked on the root of their divorce, Raja Azmi put the blame on none other than herself while admitting that she had displeased her former husband by constantly leaving the house without his permission.

“It stemmed from Eddie’s anger towards me for leaving the house without seeking his consent beforehand. I felt that his words were too strong, and that truly hurt my feelings. I felt heartbroken and gutted,” she furthered.

However, Raja Azmi and Eddie’s split was amicable and they maintained that there were no bad blood between them. Despite the divorce, the two vowed to be present and supportive of each other’s lives, while not ruling out the possibility of a reconciliation.

When met at the waiting room of the court, Eddie was clearly devastated by the split. The guitarist was seen tearing up and trying his best to contain his emotions, as this was the first time he had ever gotten divorced.

“My children hoped for us to patch things up and work out our differences, but I didn’t really  share my marital problems with them. All they wanted was for their father to be happy.”

This was the second marriage for both parties.

Raja Azmi was once married to former top national badminton player, Jalani Sidekm before divorcing on 27th June, 2012 after 28 years of marriage. They have three children together, Puteri Suraya, 28; Puteri Suaida, 24; and Megat Deli, 20.

Hasil perkahwinan, pasangan itu dikurniakan tiga orang anak iaitu Puteri Suraya, 28; Puteri Suaida, 24; and Megat Deli, 20.

Meanwhile, Eddie had two children with his late wife, Daniel, 23; and Effy, 21.MYNEWSHUB

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