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Rafidah: Rulers’ Call For 1MDB Action Shows Concerns Of Many Malaysians

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PETALING JAYA: The Malay Rulers’ call for certain issues to be resolved quickly indicates the worry as to where Malaysia and its economy are headed, said former Cabinet Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

In a posting on her Facebook page on Thursday, Rafidah said the people wanted answers to the issues at hand and what were the next steps.

“What’s happening to the processes that were started to get to the bottom of the issues?

“Who and which parties are assigned to do all the necessary follow up? What timelines have been set out for all the processes to be completed?

“When will the first comprehensive report be available for the public at large,” she said without naming any companies or individuals.

“But the most asked question is…are the processes actually ongoing? Or have they stalled?” she asked.

“The latest collective call by the Rulers Council (Conference of Rulers) for the big issues to be expeditiously resolved and the necessary action to be taken, indicates the pervasive concern and worry of the vast majority of Malaysians,” she added.

In the statement issued following a pre-council meeting of the Conference of Rulers at Istana Negara on Tuesday, the Malay Rulers said that Government should complete the investigation into the 1Malaysia Development Bhd controversy swiftly and take “the appropriate stern action” against anyone involved as failure to do so could lead to a crisis of confidence in the current leadership.

Rafidah, former International Trade and Industry Minister, said there continued to be an erosion of confidence in the country and the economy, with questions being raised by foreigners as to whether there was any form of political and economic stability.

“Even when there is assurance that the country’s economic fundamentals are strong, that fact continues to be overlooked, as the big issues continue to cloud the overall economic environment.

“It appears that very few people, in the country or outside of the country, see any positiveness about Malaysia,” she said.

Rafidah said the erosion of confidence would continue if the answers to the questions at large were not forthcoming, adding that questioning issues affecting the nation was not an indication of being “anti-Government” or “anti-leadership”.

“It is simply a natural reaction to issues that weigh very heavily on the society and country. It’s about impatience at the way things are moving.”

She said it was time for the Government to “bite the bullet” and allow its communication with the people to be clear, honest, and with nothing to hide.

“Do not let undue aspersions be cast upon the Government and the country…simply because no one is seen to be addressing proactively those issues.

“I believe no number of speeches and assurances are going to suffice. People are waiting for the processes to realise results and outcomes,” added Rafidah.-The Star

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