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Rafidah Aziz On ‘Political Correctness’ And Being Right And Correct

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PETALING JAYA: Malaysians must move away from being bridled and bound by “political correctness” and be driven by what is universally regarded as correct, said former Cabinet minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

She said that political correctness in the broadest possible context has to do with the fear of being labelled for something or “not toeing the line” or being out of sync with whoever loyalties and support are given

She said what is uttered is then toned down and identical with what the others are saying, with nothing deviating from the expected conformity.

“I always wonder who sets out what is politically correct or otherwise, whether we are talking about issues pertaining to race, religion education, or politics.

“Whose ‘correctness’ are we subscribing to?,” the former International Trade and Industry Minister said.

Rafidah said espousing things that are universally regarded “wrong” surely cannot be accepted.

“Conversely, stating something which is considered right and correct in any society but not having that requisite political correctness in particular situations will surely add value to any social discourse.

“In fact it prevents the stifling of rational thinking and expression of opinion,” Rafidah said on Facebook.

“Right is always right as wrong will always be wrong,” she said.

Rafidah, former Wanita Umno chief, said she was known as being Rapid Fire Rafidah for speaking her mind and the non-apologetic words came from her heart.

She said there was no malice in her quick responses and she was not driven by negative motivations, especially jealousy, hate or rancour.

“Some people even tell me that they wish they can say the same things that I have said or say them in the same way. Why not?,” she said.


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