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Putri Mardiana’s Exploits Responded–By Her Boyfriend’s Wife!

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If you look at the definition of ‘pigheaded’ in the dictionary, you’ll find Putri Mardiana’s picture there.

After getting caught for khalwat last December, it seems little did taught the B-grade actress a lesson when she was caught in close proximity with the same married man for the second time by the Selangor state religious department in a house located in USJ 1, Subang Jaya.

At the event which happened last Saturday, the second-time offenders surrendered to the Enforcement Division of the Sahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) at the wee hours of 4 am in the morning.

The boyfriend, Shahnizam Abdullah or known as E-Jump, was married with a toddler daughter.

Meanwhile, the storm isn’t over yet as the spotlight shifted on E-Jump’s wife, Nor Hasni.

Taking her vengeance on social media, Nor Hasni lambasted the actress and her husband for presumably doing the dirty in their marital home.


Sharing an article from entertainment blogs that featured the story, Nor Hasni chided to Putri Mardiana in a sarcastic mother-daughter mockery: ” ‘Mother’ says if you’re stupid…get educated…but you refused to, so ‘Mother’ gets fed up, because you were too dumb.” Ouch.


Commenting on the actress’ gall to hook up with her husband in the home they shared with their young daughter, Nor Hasni then raked over the coals on her Facebook wall, expressing her anger: “You didn’t learn your lesson, did you? This is what happens to people who thinks they’re above the law and are too superior. You two were holed up in my house doing God-knows-what– I have never been so disgusted in my life!

“Maybe I have to clean my home with the samak (purification for ‘heavy’ filths) just to cleanse the abomination they did in my home!” said the scorned party.

It was understood that the problems between Putri Mardiana and Nor Hasni had been ongoing for a very long time.

Nor Hasni and E-Jump have been battling problems in their marriage and have been going up and down the Syariah court for their divorce proceeding.-MYNEWSHUB.CC




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