‘Put Masks On Their Faces’ – Crude Netizens Pick On S’pore Beauty Contestants

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PETALING JAYA – The ugly side of netizens has reared its head when they took to social media to disapprove of the finalists of last Saturday’s Miss Singapore beauty pageant.

The 19 finalists for the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 were said to be “ugly” and “not pretty enough”. Some even said that the contestants didn’t look “Singaporean”.

“Oh goodness, I’m actually upset now! How embarrassing,” one person commented.

“This looks like a massage parlour in Thailand,” said another.

“Put some masks on their faces and send them to a Middle East desert,” a commenter added.

Some of the crude remarks were outright racial slur.

The organiser of the pageant, ERM Singapore Marketing, said six of the finalists are permanent residents, with three originating from China and three from Malaysia. The pageant is open to both Singaporeans and Singapore PRs from 17 years old. – The Sun