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Pupils Getting More Adept In Adapting To Fisrt Day At School

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PUTRAJAYA – Everytime the first day of the school session begins, the antics of year one pupils become the centre of attention with some crying their hearts out when parted from their parents.

However nowadays such scenes are seldom seen anymore as admitted by Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 9(2) headmistress, Khamisah Noor Md Zin.

According to her, year one pupils were getting smarter in adjusting themselves to their new environment on the first day of schooling due to their experience at pre-school level.

“Pre-school level indeed greatly helps year one pupils get acquainted with school and now they are more confident and enjoy the first day of school.

“There are some who do not go to pre-school but so far I can see the atmosphere is a far cry from last time,” she told Bernama after the school assembly here today.

A survey by Bernama at that school also revealed that only one pupil was seen crying while the others were cheerful and making new friends.

Siti Nuzrahwati Yusuf, 33, the mother of year one pupil Muhammad Hadif Hafizuddin Fairol Faizi, said she was not worried as her second child was already used to the ambience at the pre-school level.

“I see that he is happy so I feel no necessity for me to wait for him again tomorrow even though parents are allowed to be at the school up to three days,” she said.

Another mother, Maslinda Md Tab, 32, said her eldest child Nurul Auni Akhirudin started to be enthusiastic in attending school since yesterday and was in high spirits in her new school environment. – BERNAMA


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