PULO Senior Leader Among 8 Detainees Freed In Southern Thailand

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PATTANI – A senior leader of the Pattani United Liberation Organisation (PULO) Daud Ternang was among the eight detainees released from the prison here, today.

Five of the detainees, including Daud, had been imprisoned for involvement
in the militant movement in southern Thailand, and the release was seen as being in line with the ongoing peace process.

Besides Daud, who is also known as Daud Maseng, 58, other detainees involved in the militant movement who were released were Mat Keri Daud, 35, Hama Semae, 42, Nuruddin Awae, 36, and Arfan Awae, 30.

Three other prisoners who were released were common criminals namely Alee Saleh, 58, Thirapath Thaveenart, 37 and Jirawat Sisukmak, also 37.

All of them were released by the Thai authorities for good behaviour as well as the government policy which was committed and sincere in resolving the uprisings in southern Thailand.

Daud’s younger brother, Abdullah Maseng, said their family members were informed of the release three days ago.

However, Daud did not say anything to the media representatives who were waiting to report on his release, and immediately boarded a vehicle provided by family members to return home directly to Kampong Ternang, Panaret, Pattani, 35 km from the Pattani Prison.

Daud had been in prison for almost 18 years, that is, since he was detained in Malaysia in 1997 together with two other PULO leaders who had been released much earlier, namely Abdul Rahman Bedo, 70, who was freed on Nov 30, 2013 and Ismail Ternang, 61, who was released on July 17.

Daud had been sentenced to death for being found guilty of involvement with the Pattani Liberation Organisation but he was pardoned and his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment for good behaviour while in prison.

Throughout his incarceration, he had been jailed in four prisons namely in Bangkuan, Bangkok, Songkhla and Pattani. – BERNAMA