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Publisher Accidentally Prints ‘First Same-Sex Family Tree’ On Kids’ Activity Book

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We’ve all had those moments where  the deadline has gotten the best of us. We’ve also written papers that make us wonder what we were sipping on while we wrote them. But what if these mistakes were in graphics and distributed among children?

This hilarious workbook proves it. In a seemingly innocent attempt to educate children on family harmony, the exercise instructed to fill in the blanks on a family tree.

Looks harmless, doesn’t it? But wait until you see what made us all rolling on the floor and sharing it on our Facebook walls:



Two male patriarchs that breeds four,healthy kids! Which bears the all-important question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

First posted on the same-sex rights activist group Seksualiti Merdeka’s Facebook page, this unintentional snafu might either be a misprint or a subtle political statement directed towards the homophobic Malaysian public. But either way, it had us in stitches!




One user, Paul Ooi commented: “So buying the book before it;s banned. Where’s it from?”, while another, Zul Violet Wind (the one who posted the picture) replied,”Not sure, just found this pic on my wall so decided to share it here.”

How about some proofreading before pressing ‘Print’ next time? The poor kids who are forced to complete the assignment might be just as confused as the rest of us right now.MYNEWSHUB


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