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Pua-Justo Meeting: BN Minister Wants DAP To Deny It

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TUARAN – Rather than dare Barisan Nasional (BN) ministers to openly accuse Petaling Jaya Utara DAP MP Tony Pua that he met former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andre Justo in Singapore, UMNO supreme council member Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan wants the DAP leadership to deny Pua’s alleged involvement.

Speaking to reporters when met at his Aidilfitri open house here today, the urban well-being, housing and local government minister said the challenge was not fundamental as such a claim was not made by any BN minister.

“That is why, the big question is, will the DAP leadership, including (DAP parliamentary leader) Lim Kit Siang want to come forward and admit that Tony Pua was not involved whatsoever, either in commmunicating or meeting or instructing anyone to contact Justo?

“The technical question of whether (Pua) met (Justo) or not is immaterial. For that, let the police decide later,” he said when asked to comment on Pua’s challenge posted on his Facebook page recently.

Justo, who is under investigation by Thai police for allegedly blackmailing PetroSaudi, claimed to have met people in Singapore, including Malaysian opposition leaders, to negotiate the handing over of certain documents in his possession.

Asked whether DAP would deny the allegation, Abdul Rahman said the opposition party would be in for some surprises when the police reveal facts and details on the matter, if they had not done it yet.

He also said the government should make a stand on websites and news portals reporting lies and controversial issues.

Commenting on whether the Sarawak Report website should be shut down for reporting alleged major corruption involving the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), the minister said the governmment must take responsibility with regard to the fate of the website.

“There is a provision in the law, however effective it is or not, the government must make a stand. No government in the world would allow such blatant lies and controversial news portals to operate within the country.

“When a website is considered to be using tampered or falsified documentation, then the government has to make a stand, and that stand is very clear that we will not tolerate any website or news blog using tampered documents ascertained by the Thai authorities,” he added. – BERNAMA


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