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PSC Revokes Successful Applicants’ Recruitment Results Without Notice

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IMAGINE how the feeling of immense happiness and a sense of accomplishment, shattered to pieces with just one touch of the ‘Refresh’ button.

That is exactly how one Public Services Commission (PSC) hopeful felt when his dreams of joining the wagon was torn apart in just a few short hours.

The anonymous victim, who was trying out for the Medical Assistant position, was overjoyed when he found out that he got the through the first phase of recruitment on the commission’s web portal.

However, like a cruel twist of fate, he discovered his offer was revoked without notice the following morning.



“Last night the result read ‘Successful’. But around 8 or 10 o’clock in the morning today, I was informed by a friend that it had changed without prior notice or valid reason.”

To make matters worse, he wasn’t the only one who was duped as the same also happened to a number of his friends.

Is this skeleton in the closet another ‘technical glitch’, as frequently blamed by PSC’s higher-ups?Or is this a case of nepotism waiting to happen?

The injustice and lack of ability the statutory commission is as astounding as it is pathetic.

According to the body’s web portal’s FAQs, individuals are employed on the basis of professional merit as proven by what supposed to be a competitive examination.

If the above allegations are true, then this wasn’t the first occurrence of how PSC had failed in its recruitment process.

On early September, it was reported that thousands of candidate for the examination, which was supposed to be taken on Sept.6 were left in the dark as they couldn’t access the examination questions.

After a slew of controversies regarding its incompetency, it is time that one pose the question: is fairness and equality valued highly in the organization? After the humiliating ‘Glitchgate’ last September, who or on what will they point their fingers to this time?

Ironically, as an administration authority that set the rules and regulations of members of the Federal government, is the one that has always found themselves embroiled in public scandals and inefficiency. –MYNEWSHUB










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