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Prove Opposition Has More Support For No-confidence Motion

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KUALA LUMPUR – Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia said a vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister can be considered for debate if the opposition can show it has the support of the majority.

He said he could make a request to the government for the motion to be debated in the house if the number of MPs backing it was more than those against it.

“I am still waiting for more lists from the opposition because I know they have only 89 representatives and the number has not changed.

“If they give me a list, maybe with 90 or 100 people, maybe I can pressure the government to allow the debate,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby, here, Wednesday.

He said he wondered how many opposition MPs would agree to the motion as PAS was not with the new opposition pact, Pakatan Harapan.

Pandikar clarified that any Member of Parliament had the right to bring any motion, but government business took precedence.

“Let me make it very clear,” he said, explaining that any motion can be tabled by anyone but it must comply with conditions, that is providing sufficient notice. If that is met, then the motion can be entered into the order paper.

He said it was hoped that the opposition could promptly obtain a list of the members who agree so that the matter would no longer be questioned.



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