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Proton To Reimburse Buyers If GST Abolished

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KUALA LUMPUR- National car maker Proton has launched a price guaranteed initiative to reimburse buyers if the prices are reduced following the government’s plan to abolish the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

It said on Wednesday the “Proton price guaranteed” was to prevent speculation and also to give its customers peace of mind following the Pakatan Harapan-led Federal Government’s pledge to remove the GST.

While details on whether to reduce the GST tax rate, cancel it or change to the Sales & Service Tax (SST) system have not been released, Proton said the impending news may have caused customers to hold back on purchasing and registering new cars in anticipation of a possible reduction in car prices when the new ruling comes into effect.

Proton said the price guaranteed initiative is being held concurrently with its other sales promotions for the rest of May and up to June 30.

Prices of Proton vehicles will be maintained regardless of any changes to the government’s policy on GST.

Should there be a reduction in prices during the promotion period, Proton will reimburse the difference to the customer in the form of service vouchers.

If prices rise instead, customers will not be asked to pay the difference between the new and old price, provided their cars have been registered before the end of June.

If an announcement regarding the abolishment of GST is not made by the end of June, Proton will review its pricing initiative with a view to extending it.

Proton vice president of sales and marketing Abdul Rashid Musa said Proton supported the new Malaysian government’s efforts to reduce the cost of living for the rakyat.

“We will be guided by any new guidelines announced but in the interim, we would like to make this gesture to cushion our customers from any possible increases in car prices or reimburse them the difference if they should fall,” he said.- The Star Online

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