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Promoting Togetherness Through Motoring Activities

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KUALA LUMPUR – Vios Zero Seven (VZS) is no stranger to the local motoring fraternity as it has participated in autoshows a number of times.

The club, whose membership comprises owners of the Toyota Vios vehicle  model, may seem like any other motor sports club but apart from being unified by their common interest in motor racing and autoshows, the members also proudly uphold the 1Malaysia spirit.

VZS President Mohd Fadli Ab Hamid said the club welcomes members from all races as it wants build up its pool of 1Malaysia resources which can, in return, generate brilliant ideas for the progress of motor sports in the country.

“This is the uniqueness of VZS compared with other motor clubs… we welcome not only Malay but also Chinese and Indian members.

“It cannot be denied that the contributions of the various races to the arena of motor sports can help to boost its image. As the new president of VZS, I will implement reforms to ensure that the club continues to receive the support of its members and the people,” he said.


Mohd Fadli said the club has also resolved to support the government’s aspirations to foster racial unity through the  programmes it organises.

Currently, 90 percent of VZS’ members comprise Malays, while Chinese and Indians make up the remaining 10 percent.

Alex Khoo, 39, a newly-elected committee member of the club, said various factors had attracted him to VZS. He said he liked the club’s relaxed and casual atmosphere, the kinship among the members and its focus on the family element.

What more, the club does not compel members to participate in all its programmes, he said.

“I had previously joined another motoring club, which has a policy of terminating one’s membership if the member fails to participate in three
programmes consecutively.

“But VZS is different… it organises various programmes like fun drives and charity events in which I participate with my family, thus enabling me to spend more quality time with them,” said Alex.

VZS founder Edward Chew formed the club in 2007 with just five members. Its membership has since swelled to 1,022, thanks to the fact that the club is now registered under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The members hail from all walks of life and include professionals from the private sector, teachers, security personnel and entrepreneurs, most of whom are in their early 20s to 50s.


In view of the nation’s plural society, VZS stresses on the need for members to adhere to cultural values when drawing up activities for the club.

Mohd Fadli said besides indulging in the usual motoring activities, the club also takes time out to discuss current issues, religious matters, education and also the economy.

“We also discuss what the club can do to help the poor out there,” he told Bernama.

Nevertheless, whatever its activities may be, the club makes sure that the members work together in harmony and cultivate fellowship among themselves.

On the club’s charity programmes, Mohd Fadli said such events are held regularly and have drawn overwhelming response from both its members and outsiders.

He said the club members have done charity work at several orphanages and have also, in the past, volunteered their services to spruce up Zoo Negara. They have also been involved in carrying out repairs to dilapidated homes and  raising funds for war victims in Palestine.

Former president of VZS Shaiful Anuar Sukri said club members are prohibited from participating in illegal racing or any activities that would smear the club’s reputation. – BERNAMA


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