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Prince’s Fortune Could Be Split Between Brothers And Sisters

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PRINCE’S million dollar fortune could be split between his siblings, according to a US report.

The late singer, who passed away at his Paisley Park estate last Thursday, reportedly didn’t leave a will.

TMZ claims that sources close to the Raspberry Beret singer say he didn’t have one drawn out as late as 2014 and it’s unlikely he drafted one since, though this is still to be confirmed.

So far no one has come forward with one.

According to Minnesota state law, the estate goes to the deceased’s closest living relatives if there is no will in place.

It’s been assumed that his sister Tyka would get inherit his estate, but in Minnesota half siblings – which Prince has six of – are treated the same as full siblings and would therefore be entitled to the inheritance equally.

The singer’s dad had three daughters and two sons before Prince was born with Vivian Nelson – Lorna, Norrine, Sharon, Duana and John.

After his father and mother split, his mum remarried and had two more sons, Alfred and Omarr.

Two of his siblings have since died and if the deceased siblings have children they would also be entitled to the same share as their parents.

It’s believed the star’s estate is worth around $150 million. – Daily Mirror


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