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Pregnant Erin Malek Slows Down Acting Career To Focus On Twins

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Former child star Erin Malek, 21, says now that is carrying twins, she decided to put her acting career on hold.

Admitting that her first pregnancy was a bit of a struggle for her to be on shoots, Erin is determined to put her mind into her twin babies.

“Pregnancy– with its wonders and all, it’s definitely tiring.

“It consumes your energy and make you feel worn out, which makes a day on set unbearable. ”

But her decision to slow down is not mainly about her health, Erin says she knows better than not to disrupt the workflow on set.


“I wouldn’t want to cause the production team to waste their time waiting for me to finish being tired so I could do my scenes, I have to be sensible.”

Meanwhile, Erin says she and her husband were over the moon when they found out that they were expecting twins.

Though they wanted to keep it a secret at first, but soon became public when ultrasound images of her foetuses were leaked online.

Understandably, she was furious. But she was so happy to be pregnant that she decided to let go pass her.

“I won’t let this trivial matter ruin the joy my pregnancy has brought to my husband and I,” she says.-MYNEWSHUB.CC

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