Pos Laju Service To Be Improved – Gobind Singh

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KUALA LUMPUR – Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said today the ministry was working on improving the quality of service of Pos Laju, the country’s leading courier company.

He tweeted a reply to an account user ‘@Qutbudeen’ that the ministry was engaged in discussions to improve the Pos Laju service.

In another tweet, in response to ‘@murtaza_mustafa’, Gobind said the ministry was also looking into improving the salaries of postmen as the account user had suggested.

Pos Laju had come under heavy criticism from netizens recently, with many of them complaining that the service of the courier company had deteriorated of late.

‘@Jimbotiram’ said he was angry with Pos Laju for not having delivered his goods at the promised time, claiming that the delay ran to five to 10 days. – BERNAMA