Police Crackdown On Secret Societies Regardless Of Race

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KUALA LUMPUR – Police will continue its crackdown on secret society activities through the special operation, ‘Op Cantas Khas’, irrespective of the gang members’ race, said Deputy Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim.

He said police were now focusing on eradicating all notorious activities related to secret societies such as loan shark syndicates, prostitution, violence and extortion.

“Coincidentally, the current operation (Op Cantas Khas) involves mostly Indian gang members who oppress other innocent Indians. However, I want to explain here that we are not only going after Indian gangsters, but also Chinese and Malay gangsters.

“We will conduct ‘Op Cantas Khas’ several times. Currently, there are gang members who are still hiding (in the country) while some have fled overseas. We will collaborate with the Immigration Department to find out when they will return to Malaysia so that we can take action,” he told reporters after the Royal Malaysian Police ‘Persada Inovasi’ 2017 event at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol), here, today.

Last Monday, 33 individuals, aged between 23 and 44, were charged in the Klang Sessions Court with being members of an organised-crime group known as ‘Gang 24 Apachee’ and for assisting the group.