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PM Wants The Islamic Nation Concept To Be Understood By The Public

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ANTALYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on world Islamic leaders and top figures to spread the true teachings of Islam so that the concept of an Islamic nation could be understood to avoid many from accepting the ideology of the Islamic state (IS).

This was because the ideology of the IS group did not reflect the true Islam, the Malaysian Prime Minister told a press conference after attending a working dinner in conjunction with the 10th edition of the G20 Summit Meeting.

“The true concept of the Islamic nation and Islamic state must be understood and explained because if we don’t understand the true concept, we can fall victim and accept the IS ideology,” he said while stressing the importance of the role that should be played by Islamic leaders on the matter.

During the session which discussed the global challenges relating to terrorism and the refugee crisis, Najib told the G20 leaders that Islam was a religion of peace, moderation and did not allow innocent people to be killed.

In fact, Islam also did not allow anyone to commit suicide such as becoming suicide bombers and so on, he said.

His explanation was supported by quoting verse 32 of of the Surah Al-Maidah as well as ‘hadith’ of the Prophet.

He spoke of a hadith on how someone who had fought with the Prophet had been injured in the war and wanted to commit suicide, but was told by the Prophet that he would not be able to go to heaven if he committed suicide.

“Thus it is clear that Islam forbids killing those who are innocent and does not permit suicide but the question is why there are people who believe IS ideology and is prepared to do things that are forbidden by Islam,” said Najib.

Nonetheless, he said there was a need to study in depth why such things could take place.

“It’s either that they feel there is injustice, there is no hope for the future or a sense of hopelessness or that they have been marginalised or they feel a sense of social injustice, or they believe that the Caliphate concept championed by the IS is the true path,” added the Prime Minister.



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